Baleares & Girona RSC 2021

Baleares & Girona Regional Selection Conference of the EYP España

Fri, 12 March 2021 – Sun, 14 March 2021



Mind your health: Recent studies have shown that the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions on social life have worsened the mental health of European young people. Considering that depression and anxiety disorders fall into the top five causes of disease burden among the youth, what should the EU do in order to protect the mental wellbeing of children and adolescents?


EU’s pivot to Africa: The Cotonou Agreement and the EU’s External Investment Plan (both being parts of the framework that so far paved the way in EU-Africa relations) expired in 2020. Considering the intricacies of developmental aid, what approach should the EU take in future relations with African nations and the African Union?


UBIquitous debate: With a recent European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) calling upon the European Commission to present a proposal for Universal Basic Income (UBI), and with countries such as Finland already conducting experiments to see its effects, what stance should the EU take towards UBI?


Handle with care, plastic is everywhere: With the emergence of COVID-19, an increase in the single-use plastics consumption was observed in correlation with the high demand for single-use masks and gloves. Following the Single-Use Plastic Directive, what can the EU further do to reduce single-use equipment and promote more sustainable protection methods?


Not a vacation: COVID-19 travel restrictions have brought the international travel and tourism sectors to a halt, resulting in job losses and limited mobility within Europe. How can the EU support Member States, such as Spain, that heavily rely on their tourism sectors and what should the future of travel restrictions look like?

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