1st Swiss DS

1st Digital Session of EYP Switzerland

Thu, 4 March 2021 – Sun, 7 March 2021

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Smart farms􏰂 With the spread of smart farming and the increasing use of precision agriculture􏰃 how can European countries engage relevant stakeholders to move towards an agricultural model that meets their environmental and climate objectives􏰄


Zoom school􏰂 With the rising integration of digital technologies into schools and universities􏰃 how can European countries benefit from technological advancements in education􏰃 while ensuring equal access and quality for all students and personnel􏰄


From linear to circular􏰂 With the detrimental environmental impact of the current 􏰕take􏰍make􏰍dispose􏰖 economic model􏰃 the need to turn from a linear economy to a circular one has become increasingly apparent􏰌 How can European states move towards a circular economy and cooperate with stakeholders to change global consumption and production trends􏰄


Smart factories􏰂 The digitalisation of manufacturing has transformed production processes and business models􏰌 How should European countries approach the digital future while protecting their manufacturing jobs and ensuring their workers are equipped with the right skills􏰄


The cost of isolation􏰂 With Covid􏰍􏰎􏰏 social distancing measures increasing young peoples􏰲 isolation and vulnerability to mental health concerns􏰃 what should European countries do to safeguard both the physical and mental health of youths􏰄


Unsafe online􏰂 According to the World Health Organisation􏰃 one in five girls is a victim of cyberharassment by the age of fifteen􏰌 How can European countries protect women and girls online􏰄


With Covid􏰍􏰎􏰏 social distancing measures restricting peoples􏰲 ability to exercise their right to freedom of assembly and increasing attention to issues of police brutality􏰃 how can European countries guarantee their residents􏰲 safety while assuring their rights to peaceful protest􏰄


Affordable housing􏰂 With increasing rent prices and the lack of social housing􏰃 how can European countries protect their residents from evictions and homelessness and develop sustainable housing plans􏰄

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