Almada 2021

Almada 2021- Regional Selection Conference of EYP Portugal

Sat, 27 Feb. 2021 – Sat, 27 March 2021



As the high level group on artificial intelligence (AI HLEG) released the first draft of its Ethics Guidelines for the development and use of artificial intelligence, how can European Countries ensure that developments concerning artificial intelligence technologies respect fundamental human rights, while also being technically robust and reliable, to ensure consumer satisfaction and trust?


With cyber terrorism attacks happening alarmingly more often, how can the European Union protect itself against them?


Considering the ongoing lack of information on certain minority languages of Europe, how should the EU go about digitalising minority and endangered languages in order to revitalise them and preserve them as cultural heritage?


With the WHO reporting that at least one in four people in Europe are affected by some sort of mental illness in their lives, Member States and societies are now starting to realise the importance of mental health. Considering the detrimental effect of COVID-19-imposed isolation on mental health, how can the EU support Member States in promoting Mental Health during the pandemic and in the long-term future?


What common guidelines should Member States pursue to ensure the protection of detainees’ rights across the EU and their effective social rehabilitation process after sentencing?


Despite the 2018 Audio-Visual Media Services Directive setting up clear EU frameworks for the removal and prohibition of online content depicting sexual exploitation of minors, the increased digital activity during the COVID-19 lockdowns has seen a drastic increase in instances of non-consensual sharing of sexual content. With video-sharing platforms such as PornHub facing a series of allegations for hosting child abuse videos and other criminal content, how can the EU regulate such websites to ensure the rights of its citizens?

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