Motik 2021

1st Digital Session of the EYP Armenia

Fri, 26 Feb. 2021 – Sun, 28 Feb. 2021



Stolen Funds: According to a recent report based on detective cases alone, over EUR 390 million every year are stolen from ESI funds. Member States are facing challenges in mitigating fraud and corruption risks primarily in the application, project selection and implementation stages. How can the European States ensure correct project selection for funding while reducing fraud and corruption schemes?


The flow of information: According to the 2020 Reuters Institute Digital News Report, the Covid-19 reinstated much confidence in the credibility of mainstream media, despite an overall rise in disinformation. Keeping in mind the increasing digitisation of media and overall lack of trust in information, what can be done to boost news literacy across Europe?


The Borders of Culture: In recent years there has been increasing pressure to repatriate looted art and preserve sites of historic cultural heritage. What can be done in terms of the stewardship of such pieces or locations, ensuring both the promotion and accessibility of cultural works, while respecting the rights of their original civilisations?


Fashion-forward: In 2020, the global fashion industry was estimated to be worth USD 1.5 trillion, with 22% of sales happening online. Amongst increasing concern over the environmental impact and major brands collapsing, what can be done to ensure the sustainable growth of the fashion industry?


The Cost of Being a Woman: Despite recent studies having shown the gender wage gap closing and increased participation of women in decision-making positions across Europe, severe obstacles remain towards their full inclusion across all sectors. What measures can be taken to overcome the structural irregularities inherent in current socio-economic frameworks in order to achieve true gender equality in all areas?


Digital Justice: With the current pandemic urging the need for digitalisation, it became evident that businesses and citizens must have access to justice online. Keeping in mind the importance of cross-border judicial cooperation, what can be done to provide access to justice in the digital era while promoting the digitalisation of judicial procedures?


Cities For Sale: In recent years there has been a notable drop in public housing and state-sponsored urban renewal projects, leading to fewer individuals being able to afford adequate and modern housing. With construction getting increasingly privatised, what can be done to combat gentrification and ensure sustainable and accessible projects are prioritised?

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