Slovenia Digital 2021

1st Digital Regional Session of EYP Slovenia

Thu, 4 March 2021 – Sun, 7 March 2021

Please note that this session experienced technical difficulties during the GA. As a result some data might be incomplete.



The ‘right’ opinion: With the increasing popularity of the extreme right and euroscepticism within the EU, how should the EU react to the loss of its citizens’ trust, without compromising freedom of speech and democracy?


Silence is violence: The death of George Floyd has brought police brutality and institutionalised discrimination in the eyes of the world, with millions of people taking part in synchronised protests. The chairman of the European Network Against Racism draws attention to the EU's own “denial of structural racism within its institutions and societies”, arguing that the US is not a one-country-only case. What steps can the EU take to ensure safety for all citizens?


Unfashionable for the planet: Taking into consideration the effect that Covid-19 pandemic has had on consumers' online shopping habits and therefore climate change, how can the EU support sustainable e-commerce?


Happy Mind, Happy Life: Taking into consideration that almost 8 out of 10 deaths by suicide in the EU concern men, how can European countries ensure that men suffering from mental health issues receive quality treatment and support, in workplaces and educational institutions?


Democracy for Sale? With the increased threats to EU democracy starting with disinformation, lack of transparency of political advertising and the lack of regulation on social media, how can the EU build on these to further safeguard a free and pluralistic media system?


The virtual threat: As modern economies have embraced information and communication technologies and become vulnerable to cyber attacks, how can EU ensure the reduction of cyber terrorism threats and strengthen the cyber sovereignty of its Member States?

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