Valencia 2021

Valencia Regional Session 2021 of the EYP spain

Fri, 19 Feb. 2021 – Sun, 21 Feb. 2021



North Meets South: The Cotonou Agreement and the EU's External Investment Plan that paved the way for deeper cooperation with the African Continent both expired in 2020. Taking into account the intricacies of developmental aid, what approach should the EU take in future relations with African nations and the African Union?


From Man to Dad: As more and more women thrive in the workplace, the balance of work and childcare responsibilities has shifted for many parents. Taking into account the variation in the length and nature of paternity leave the EU, what should the EU's stance be on paternal leave?


Disabling Illness, Enabling Individuals: Despite rapid developments in the field of medicine, many individuals with disabilities remain excluded from receiving the healthcare they need. With rising health costs and mounting pressure on social security systems, what can be done to improve and guarantee access to proper health care for people with disabilities?


Keeping the Doctor Away: The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a number of shortcomings in the EU’s health crisis response and highlighted the need for increased cooperation and coordination at the EU level. What steps can the EU take to ensure its Member States can provide a cohesive and structured response to a similar health crisis in the future?


Best before electronics: Research conducted by the European and Social Committee indicated there has been a deterioration in the durability of consumer goods, especially in electronics, in the past decades. What steps should the EU take promote a more sustainable consumption cycle and mitigate the effects of planned obsolescence?


#Whomademyclothes: With the European Parliament having proposed a ban on goods that are a product of forced labour, what further steps should the EU take to uphold its key values when expanding trade relations with new markets and countries with non-democratic institutional structures and possible human right violations?


Godfather No More: In 2017, the EU approved the continuation of the EMPACT Policy Cycle, aimed to tackle the most important threats posed by serious international crime. With the four-year cycle expiring in 2021, what should the future of the fight against organised crime in Europe look like?


End of the Line: Despite the European rail network being one of the densest, rail transport is largely underperforming and heavily relying on government subsidies. Following plans for a pan-European rail network, what can be done to increase the efficiency of rail transport across Europe, especially in light of the need for extensive modernisation and profitability?

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