Kristiansand 2021

First digital regional session of eyp norway

Wed, 3 Feb. 2021 – Fri, 5 Feb. 2021



Nitrogen balance: T he application of fertilizer has allowed Europe to keep up with rising demands as a result of a growing world population, but the high usage of fertilizer has however led to a surplus in nitrogen across the continent, harming biodiversity and water quality. How can European states lower their nitrogen surplus without excessively restricting the agricultural sector?


Are you going to eat that? It has been reported that 30% of the world's agricultural land is used to produce food that is later lost or wasted. What can European states do to prevent food waste and promote more sustainable means of consumption?


A clash of rights: With varying legislation on hate speech or hate crimes in relation to sexual orientation within Europe, LGBT citizens can have drastically different experiences depending on where they live. What should European states do to ensure a similar balance of the right to freedom of expression and the right to human dignity throughout the continent?


Locked out of human rights: Multiple states across Europe consistently fall below the expected standard of prisons and detention facilities, with overcrowding and a lack of rehabilitation programmes commonplace. Without unified standards and practices in prisons, what steps, if any, should the European Countries take towards prison reform?


My house, in the middle of my street: With many European countries turning to sustainable housing, the issue of affordable housing has been raised. What steps, if any, should be taken to further increase the development of sustainable housing without further jeopardising the affordability of housing?

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