Utrecht 2021

RSC of EYP the Netherlands

Thu, 7 Jan. 2021 – Sun, 10 Jan. 2021

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Polar Express: Given the sudden accessibility of previously isolated natural resources and unattainable sea trade routes, how can the European Union alongside its Members States guarantee the protection of the fragile ecosystem as well as its economic and military interests?


It’s a Boy Girl Thing: Across Europe’s school systems, education about gender identities is not yet commonplace, leading to members of the LGBTQ+ community being marginalised and invisible. How can the EU support and promote adequate education about LGBTQ+ identities in secondary education?


She's the Man: The principle of equal pay for work of equal value has been established in Article 157 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union – nevertheless, women in the EU earn on average almost 15% less per hour than men. How can the EU guarantee fair pay for all its citizens?


Prison break: With imprisonment posing an intrusion upon the freedom of movement and a questionable outcome for short term jail sentences, which steps could the European Union and its Member States take to ensure an effective yet purposeful criminal justice system?


Out of the shadows: About 215.000 violent sexual crimes were recorded in the EU in 2015. With outdated legislation and a culture of victim-blaming leading to a lack of prosecution across Europe, how can the EU tackle the high number of sexual crimes in its Member States?


Bella, horrida bella: In the fall of 2020, the conflict surrounding the region of Nagorno-Karabakh has once more flared up into military action, resulting in destruction and loss of life. What strategy should the EU adopt in its efforts to promote peaceful conflict resolution and the suppression of armed conflict?

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