Oulu 2020

Oulu Regional Session of EYP Finland 2020

Thu, 19 Nov. 2020 – Sun, 22 Nov. 2020



Outside of the public eye: With more and more patients purchasing medication online, self-diagnosis and self-medication are rising as a new trend. Bearing in mind that shortages of general practitioners are common, particularly in remote and rural areas, how can the Member States balance the potential benefits and dangers of people's self-care for their health while integrating them into the healthcare system more effectively?


Public Good or Private Commodity: Privatisation of drinking water supply is causing an increase in the number of people who lack access due to economic and infrastructural barriers, despite clean drinking water being declared as a human right by the United Nations in 2010. What stance should the EU have in applying market economic principles to the aforementioned sector whilst maintaining the individuals' right to access drinking water?


Mind the Gap: With the socioeconomic gap deepening across the European Union leading to lower trust in institutions and fueling political and social instability how can the European Union assist countries in curbing this trend and ensuring greater wealth distribution across the union?


Tradition vs. innovation: In the Nordic countries indigenous Sami people have lost land important for their traditional industry of reindeer herding to the rise of windmill parks and mining. What stand should the EU take on the conflict of preserving land for indigenous people versus innovation of new technology and energy?


Superpowers no more: With the EUs closest military allies becoming unreliable and the European External Action Service being criticised for lacking ambition, how can the EU use its diplomatic power to contribute to peace in the world without damaging its internal relations?

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