Digital Lublin 2020

Regional Selection Conference of EYP Poland 2020

Fri, 20 Nov. 2020 – Sun, 22 Nov. 2020



Hungry Waste: With Poland occupying the 5th place in the EU for food waste, while an estimated 20 million Europeans suffer from hunger, what steps can be taken to reduce food waste and eradicate hunger?


Man Versus Machine: Bearing in mind the increase in automation and artificial intelligence in the working environment, as well as the rise in unemployment rates, how can the European Union (EU) ensure that its citizens are equipped with the necessary skills to remain up to date with the constantly increasing demands of a modern workplace?


Work for money: No more cheap labour: The European Parliament (EP) has banned unpaid internships in their institutions and therewith take a step towards proper remuneration of interns working for the EP. With these actions, how can the EU work towards a common standard in the EU where no intern works without proper pay?


Words do hurt: With cyber bullying being a major concern of the digital era, especially among young Internet users, what measures can the EU institutions and Member States take to effectively tackle this problem?


Support and be supported: With 1.1% of the deaths in the EU in 2015 being due to intentional self-harm, it appears that there is not enough focus on the mental wellbeing of citizens by their national governments. What actions can the EU take to promote a more mentally healthy population?


Global Union against Global Peace: Armed conflicts are the greatest cause of fundamental rights’ violations worldwide. Turkey has been present in various armed conflicts in the 21st century, both internal and external. With Turkey being a candidate for European Union membership since 1999 but still not fulfilling the necessary criteria, how should the European Union use its diplomatic power to contribute to global peace?

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