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1st Digital Session of EYP Kosovo Initiative

Thu, 26 Nov. 2020 – Sun, 29 Nov. 2020



Enlargement of the Union: Considering how all remaining Western Balkan states and Turkey are candidates or potential candidates for integration into the EU and how some Member States are currently opposed to any further integration of new members, what should the EU do to further relations with Western Balkan states and Turkey but also avoid internal fracturing and creating a power vacuum?


Close to extinction: Bearing in mind that linguistic minorities tend to become assimilated into the dominant culture with the risk of disappearance, how can the EU and its Member States involve Regional and Minority Languages in plurilingual literacy while safeguarding them to promote the diversity of Europe?


Online hate speech: Social media platforms have become a playground for hate speech as more and more people are using these platforms to kill some time. With the number of online users steadily increasing, the amount of hateful posts is predicted to rise even more. Keeping in mind the thin line between freedom of speech and inflammatory humiliating online actions, what steps should the EU take in order to fight against the rising amount of hate speech on social media?


Life in plastic is not fantastic: Although plastics have shaped and benefited our society for a long time, the current approach towards their usage and disposal is causing severe damage by for example speeding up climate change. With more than 20 kilograms of municipal waste generated per household every week, what steps should the European Union take towards tackling the problems caused by plastics while simultaneously acknowledging the value of them?


Abortion law in Poland: The Polish Constitutional Court rules abortion as unconstitutional and illegal, except for cases of rape and incest. This new polish abortion law is said to be one of the most restrictive among Europe, where the illegal abortions in Poland are more than legal ones estimated between 10,000 and 150,000, compared to about 1,000 or 2,000 legal terminations. Bearing in mind women’s right to abortion, how can the EU protect their freedom to decide on their own for such a topic, whilst respecting the Member States' sovereignty?


“One euro is 80 cents for the European Women”: According to the European Commission, in 2018, women in the EU earned on average 14.1% less money than men for the same amount of work done for the same job. What measures should the EU and Member States take to achieve income equality?


Euthanasia tourism: As it is legal in only a few EU states, an increasing number of people are making the decision to undergo euthanasia in another country, far from their home and family. What stance should the EU take in legislation relating to euthanasia and assisted suicide, given the divisive nature of this issue, and accounting for the conflict of opinions between Member States?


Give me a fair trial: Despite the fact that the Right to a fair trial is fundamental to the Rule of Law and Democracy, the limitation of access to prosecutorial files in several European countries has hindered this right in a judicial proceeding. What steps can the EU take in order to effectively tackle the limitations to the right to a fair trial and access to information?


Facial Recognition Technologies: Recently there has been an increase in the use of new facial recognition technologies in surveillance systems and various important industries including health. Bearing in mind the increasing concerns on civil liberties and privacy by citizens, what can the Member States do to ensure the protection of their citizens’ privacy while making effective use of the benefits of this technology?


Terorrism in Europe: With the current and previous events of multiple terrorist attacks in France and Austria, Europe faces the urgency to protect its citizens. How can the EU reach its goal of protecting people against terrorist attacks without compromising the image on religious diversity and freedom and acceptance on an international level?

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