1st DNSC of EYP CZ 2020

1st Digital National Selection Conference of EYP CZ 2020

Thu, 5 Nov. 2020 – Sun, 8 Nov. 2020



How does one detect fake news? With many media spreading possible disinformation or propaganda, which in some cases might result in extremist actions being taken, how can the EU ensure that its citizens of all generations can identify proper sources of information?


Internet as a human right? The United Nations declared free access to the Internet as one of the basic human rights. Taking into account that nowadays most sources of information are only accessible online, what should the stance of the EU be?


Where are the female journalists in Europe’s media? Taking into account that European journalism is male-dominated, should the EU take steps against this phenomenon?


Hate speech versus freedom of speech? As the border between the two is rather thin and social networks, such as Facebook, give everyone a platform to speak, where should the EU draw the line between them?


Is the press truly free? As the level of freedom of the press varies throughout the Member States, how can the EU ensure that all the citizens have access to free unbiased press?


A contribution to transparency or a threat to security? Following the Snowden, WikiLeaks and Panama Papers cases, what should be the approach of the Member States towards whistleblowers’ disclosures of sensible information?

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