Niš 2020

49th Regional Session of EYP Serbia - Niš 2020

Thu, 8 Oct. 2020 – Sun, 11 Oct. 2020



Considering how the COVID-19 pandemic stagnated negotiations between the EU and the Western Balkan countries, what approach can the EU take in order to smoothly continue on the road of integration?


Digitalization of Education: Starting with march 2020 Education in Europe went through a swift shift towards online education and distance education. How could the European Union use this new infrastructure to reform Education in Europe to become more efficient in the future?


Considering the effect that COVID-19 Pandemic has had on employment and drastic job loss, what can the EU do to ensure its recovery from massive unemployment?


Bottom of the bottle: alcohol consumption accounts for over 7% of health issues and early deaths in the EU by increasing risk of heart conditions, liver diseases and cancers. Taking into account that young people are particularly at risk of alcohol addiction, how can the EU protect and ensure responsible drinking amongst the youth?


The fast expansion of digital technologies has contributed to the boom of cryptocurrencies. Taking the involvement of virtual money in digital scamming into account, how should the EU legislate virtual currency and ensure the safety of consumers?


Last year’s European elections once again reflected the growing popularity of extremist parties and Euro-scepticism among EU citizens. Taking into consideration the unrest due to the current economic and social crisis, how should the EU respond towards growing Euroscepticism within its borders?


With the Russian meddling into the 2016 US presidential election showing how vulnerable digital services are, and the COVID-19 pandemic forcing most traditionally non-digital services to digitalise, what can the EU do to ensure its cybersecurity remains impervious to external malicious attacks?

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