Belgrade 2020

48th Regional Session of EYP Serbia - Belgrade 2020

Thu, 24 Sept. 2020 – Sun, 27 Sept. 2020

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"Corruption" - What measures should the EU and its Member States take to ensure increased transparency and accountability, while minimising the expansion of corruption to political funding and shared decision-making?


"Digitalisation in education" - In light of the increasing importance of digital technologies in everyday life, how should educational systems use new technologies to better accommodate different types of learners?


"Digitalisation in the ageing society" - While the digital sector is growing exponentially, the EU is struggling with an ageing population crisis. How can the Member States better integrate developments in computer technology to improve the quality of life of elderly citizens in terms of public services as well as medical and social care?


"Alcohol abuse" - Alcohol is a reason of over 7% of ill-health and early deaths in the EU increasing the long-term risk of heart conditions, liver diseases and cancers. Taking into account that young people are particularly at risk of alcohol addiction, how can the EU protect young Europeans from experiencing the negative effects of alcohol?


"Nuclear power" - Accounting for over half of the EU’s carbon-free electricity, nuclear power is regarded as a key component of a sustainable energy production model. With divergent energy policies among the Member States and an increasingly negative public opinion, what stance should the EU adopt on the usage of nuclear power?


"Multiculturalism and religion" - In an increasingly multicultural Europe, to what extent should governments respect religious values, attitudes and traditions in order to ensure the integration and democratic representation of minorities and cohesive European societies?


"Urbanisation vs rural regions" - With many young Europeans migrating to larger cities in search of employment, the division of national resources can often favour large urban areas. How can the EU balance its commitment to urban development projects such as smart cities, with its desire to safeguard rural and areas?

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