Sakarya 2020

1st Regional Session of EYP Turkey

Fri, 6 March 2020 – Sun, 8 March 2020



E-Learning: Considering the expanding role of technology in education, how can the Member States incorporate digital technologies in educational environments to foster the learning process of students and break the naturally existing boundaries?


Prevention of global diseases: Taking into account the recent outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, what steps should be taken by the EU in order to forestall such an outbreak of biohazards within its borders and safeguard its citizens?


Employment gap in STEM fields: While women constitute almost 50% of the European labour market, there is only 28% female workforce in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as opposed to 72% male. What can be done by the EU in order to close the gap in its current workforce and incentivize female workers to be more active in STEM fields?


Electrified Future: Bearing in mind in the ever-rising demand for electric vehicles (EV), EVs and AVs (autonomous vehicles) are set to replace the conventional means of transport. How can the EU tackle the issues that nex-gen transport brings such as autonomous liability and coal-based electric production in order to ensure the sustainability of transport for future generations?


Safe enough to fly? In light of the recent Boeing 737, Max crashes and large airlines that mainly operate in Single European Sky opting to purchase the 737 Max, a similar crash on European soil was more than probable in the long run. How can the EU ensure the safety and airworthiness of the upcoming new generation of aircrafts?

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