Novi Sad 2020

47th Regional Session of EYP Serbia - Novi Sad 2020

Thu, 27 Feb. 2020 – Sun, 1 March 2020



’’Looking eastward’’ – China is an important strategic partner for the EU, but significant investments China has made in EU states and neighbours such as Serbia and Greece are threatening European economic sovereignty. How should the EU approach EU-China relations whilst respecting human rights for all, fair competition and states’ economic sovereignty?


“Young and old”: As students march for social justice and strike against climate change, the clash between the older and younger generations becomes more apparent. What should EU states do to improve intergenerational understanding and represent people of all ages in democratic politics?


“Blue economy”: Over 100 million marine animals die each year due to marine litter, and sea turtles are among the most vulnerable. Marine litter is a consequence of a resource-inefficient economy. What can the EU do to reduce marine litter and improve the sustainability of the blue economy whilst safeguarding the oceans’ economic benefits?


“Hidden costs of fashion”: With textile production being an industry with high levels of labour exploitation as well as pollution, how should the EU facilitate a move towards a circular textile economy, while promoting better, safer working conditions in the industry and eradicating labour rights abuses?


“Innov-ocean”: As over 80% of the ocean remains unexplored, so remain marine technologies, such as offshore renewable energies, biotechnology and seabed mining. How should the EU approach marine technological innovation, balancing the innovative potential at hand with its potential impacts on marine ecosystems?


“I’m not giving up”: In light of protesters interrupting the 2019 Belgrade pride march, it is evident that LGBT people in Europe continue to face hate speech, threats, and even physical violence. What steps can EU states take to reduce anti-LGBT violence, alleviate psychological damage suffered by LGBT people, and ensure mutual understanding between different parts of society?


“Getting around the city”: With ever more EU citizens living in cities, European cities increasingly face problems caused by transport and traffic. How can the EU help cities sustainably improve mobility whilst reducing congestion, accidents and pollution?

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