Girona RSC 2020

Girona RSC 2020

Thu, 20 Feb. 2020 – Sun, 23 Feb. 2020



Concrete Jungle: with 60% of the world's population expected to live in cities by 2030, what role should urban agriculture methods such as vertical farming, city farms and urban gardens play in European cities to ensure food security in the future?


With the increase in anti-vaccination movements and the recent outbreak of deadly epidemics, how can the EU prevent a mass infection and uphold the percentage of vaccinations needed for proper population immunity while still protecting patients' rights?


Future of Online Shopping: With the E-Commerce Directive still being in force after 18 years of its adoption, how should the EU update its policies on online sale of goods and services keeping in mind its effects on SMEs and local businesses?


Information is Power: Several European States have raised concerns regarding disinformation happening within their country and the state of cybersecurity. With recent meddling in the electoral process in the US, Russia and Ukraine, as well as frequent disinformation campaigns designed to divide the public, how can the EU and other European countries ensure an end to disinformation and its effect on the people?


Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic: With 10% of plastic globally ending in oceans, ecosystems and wildlives are constantly being put at risk. What should the European States do to protect the oceans affected by plastic pollution?


The creation of low-cost airlines and an overall drop in ticket prices has led to an increase in travelling by plane, as opposed to more sustainable means of transportation. What can the EU do to balance out the aviation industry against other transport sectors?

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