Huesca 2020

Regional Selection Conference of EYP Spain

Thu, 27 Feb. 2020 – Sun, 1 March 2020



Concrete jungle: with 60% of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2030, what role should urban agriculture methods such as vertical farming and city farms and urban gardens play in European cities to ensure food security in the future?


Speaking volumes: Multilingualism is a fact of life in the EU. In what ways should the European Union further develop its policy framework for language learning, in order to improve social integration, enhance its citizens skillset on the job market, as well as foster cultural exchange and mutual understanding?


With the increase in anti-vaccination movements and the recent outbreak of deadly epidemics, how can the EU prevent a mass infection and uphold the percentage of vaccinations needed for proper population immunity while still protecting patients’ rights?


In 2015, the EU-28 early leavers’ rate from education and training (defined for people aged 18 to 24 years) peaked at 12,2% in rural areas. Particularly high early leavers’ rates were recorded in the rural areas of a number of principally eastern and southern Member States. How can the EU implement its rural development policy in order to decrease the gap?


The European Union in space? With space becoming the forefront of modern technological advancements, how could the EU alongside its Member States ensure that they do not stagger behind other nations attempting to lift off?


With increasing air pollution in urban areas and its negative effects on urban populations, how can intelligent transport systems for personal multimodal mobility be used to reduce emissions in European cities?

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