Valencia 2020

Valencia Regional Selection Conference of EYP España 2020

Thu, 30 Jan. 2020 – Sun, 2 Feb. 2020



We the People: With the rise of populist governments and recent anti-democratic actions by Member States, European democracies have been backsliding over the past decade. How can the EU ensure that the integrity of democracy is protected across Member States?


Scramble for the Arctic: With the polar region warming at twice the average goal rate, revealing its mineral resources and threatening an era of modern- day colonialism, how could European countries position themselves in the Arctic in order to ensure their economic prosperity, whilst protecting the region’s fragile environment?


Speaking volumes: Multilingualism is a fact of life in the EU. In what ways should the European Union further develop its policy framework for language learning, in order to improve social integration, enhance its citizens skillset on the job market, as well as foster cultural exchange and mutual understanding?


Monetary Migration: In 2017, the analysis of overall migration flows in the EU showed that population loss occurred in most regions of Finland, Greece, Portugal and Spain, while population growth occurred in all regions of Austria, Luxemburg, Sweden and Ireland as well as in Cyprus. While freedom of movement in the EU is one of the basic rights, the “brain drain” phenomenon may lead to a region’s permanent loss of skilled workers or students. What steps can the EU take in order to prevent permanent negative effects of economic migration?


With the increase in anti-vaccination movements and the recent outbreak of deadly epidemics, how can the EU prevent a mass infection and uphold the percentage of vaccinations needed for proper population immunity while still protecting patients’ rights?


Mens sana in corpore sano: Taking into account that one in nine Europeans suffer from depression and 90% of suicides are caused by mental disorders, how can the European Union ensure that people that suffer from such conditions receive quality treatment and support in workplaces and educational institutions?


Reproductive rights for all: Which strategy should the EU and the European countries pursue to ensure that the reproductive rights of both women and men across Europe are upheld and protected, including freedom of choice, access to effective sexual education and reproductive health care?


The two-sided coin of the future: With today’s high pace of innovation and research, the vision of self-driving cars and AI-aided robots entering our daily lives becomes inevitable. Taking into consideration the possibilities and threats of smart technology and artificial intelligence, what actions could European technologically-developed countries take in order to ensure a safe transition into the future?


Life in Plastic, it’s Fantastic: With 10% of the plastic produced globally ending in oceans, ecosystems, and wildlife are constantly being put at risk. What should European States do to protect the oceans affected by plastic pollution?


The creation of low-cost airlines and the overall drop in airplane ticket prices has led to an increase in travelling by airplane, as opposed to more sustainable means of transportation. What can the EU do to balance out the aviation industry against other transport sectors?

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