Bergen 2020

22nd Regional Session of EYP Norway

Wed, 29 Jan. 2020 – Fri, 31 Jan. 2020



Considering that many Sami languages are becoming extinct or are severely threatened by extinction, what steps can European countries take to protect Regional and Minority languages, and the cultural heritage connected to them?


With the Roma still being one of the most discriminated against minority in Europe, how can European countries guarantee social and economic equality, access to public services, and non-discrimination of Roma?


With the arctic ice rapidly melting, new shipping routes are opening up that could drastically reduce the time it takes to ship goods between continents. How should Europe best use this new economic opportunity while keeping in mind the environmental sustainability of the arctic region?


Each year about one third of food is thrown away making for 1.3 billion tons of food waste in a year. How can European countries encourage more sustainable consumption?


With the increasing popularity of sustainable and clean energy, what should European countries which have a large oil sector such as Norway do in order to secure energy production and promote innovation when it comes to energy stability?


With 10% of the plastic produced globally ending in oceans, ecosystems and wildlife are constantly being put at risk. What should European States do to combat plastic pollution?

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