ISGR Gothenburg 2020

3rd Annual In-School Session of the International School of the Gothenburg Region

Wed, 22 Jan. 2020 – Fri, 24 Jan. 2020



With Eurosceptic sentiment culminating with the 2016 European Union (EU) membership referendum in the United Kingdom (UK), the EU seems to have lost some credibility. Already prior to this, the voter turnout in the 2014 election of the European Parliament was at an all-time low. How should the EU work to incite a positive attitude towards it cause and to re-accumulate popular support?


Conflicts such as the civil war in Syria have shaken our world with more devastating events occurring every year. Most recently in April 2018; the United States of America (USA), France and the United Kingdom (UK) initiated a missile air strike against Syrian Chemical Gas Industries, following an alleged attack on the Syrian people by the Syrian government. With the extent of the events worsening, and outside countries getting more and more involved, should the European Union take a stronger stance in foreign conflicts to protect its values, and what steps should the union, if so, take?


Recently, governments in Hungary and Poland were criticised for violating democratic principles and values treasured in the European Union (EU). Attention has been drawn to Hungary for allegedly weakening its constitution; whereas, Poland has been accused of passing 13 laws undermining the power of the judiciary in the country. What role, if any, should the EU and its member states have in ensuring that they mutually respect democratic principles and values?


An increase in Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) across many hospitals has reduced the number of cures to certain infections. As the Global Action Plan on AMR came to an end in 2016, what further steps should the EU take to minimise the threats associated with the growing prevalence of AMR and to halt its expansion?


In 2017, the list of the one-hundred highest earning athletes was presented with a great absence of female representation. Merely one female athlete took place on the list. What steps should the European Union (EU) take in trying to achieve equality between the genders in sports?


The high influx of refugees into the European Union (EU), following the ongoing refugee crisis, has left many of them pending in the process of applying for asylum. How should authorities handle the vast number of applications, and ensure that the selection process is justifiable both humanitarianly and economically?


Apropos the decision of the United States of America (USA), in May 2018, to withdraw from its nuclear agreement with Iran (The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) and relations between the two hitting a new low in early 2020 when an Iranian Major General was assassinated by the US, the discussion on nuclear possessions in the Middle East has once again intensified. How should the European Union (EU) act to counterwork the rising threat of a nuclear arms race in the world?


Over recent years there has been an increased number of terror attacks in European Union (EU) Member States. London, Paris, and Berlin are merely a few of the cities that have been targeted and attacked by terrorist organisations. What steps should the EU take to protect itself from future attacks, and to ensure that its citizens feel safe and protected?

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