Gothenburg 2019

8th Western Regional Session of EYP Sweden

Fri, 22 Nov. 2019 – Sun, 24 Nov. 2019



Uncharted Diseases: The increased work to treat and prevent neglected tropical diseases has decreased reported cases from 2.03 billion in 2010 to 1.58 billion in 2017. Still, more work needs to be done to ensure billions of people are protected from easily preventable diseases. How can the EU and European countries work to further decrease the number of cases, as well as promote research on such diseases?


Teach a Man to Fish: 40-80% of the food production in Latin America, Africa and Asia comes from small-scale farming, such as family farms or small homesteads. Such farming is especially vulnerable to diseases and the devastating effects of climate change. What can the EU do to prevent famine and promote sustainable and safe farming in these regions?


A Diet to Die for: The United Nations estimate that in 2018, 40 million people globally were obese. Obesity is especially prevalent in Europe and North America, and leads to multiple life-threatening complications such as diabetes and cardiac problems. How can the EU work to prevent obesity, and help those who already are obese, in Europe?


Smoking kills: The prevalence of tobacco use decreased from 27% in 2000 to 20% globally in 2016, the UN estimates. Still, the number of people dying from tobacco-related diseases was at 8.1 million the following year. How can European nations work to discourage tobacco users from using such products, and prevent young people from starting?


Every Man for Himself: The United Nations estimates that 55% of the world population were not covered by any social protection cash benefits. This lack of safety nets means billions of people lack access to basic securities such as unemployment cash benefits and maternity leave. How can European countries work to ensure that citizens around the globe are covered by social safety nets to avoid the disastrous consequences of poverty?

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