Sint-Niklaas 2019

3rd Regional Conferences of EYP Belgium

Wed, 6 Nov. 2019 – Fri, 8 Nov. 2019



Despite the higher voter turnout for the EU elections than in the last 20 years, there is still a perceived democratic gap between the election results and the formation of the Commission. What can the EU do to bridge this democratic gap and increase the legitimacy of the Commissioners?


With the food production industry accounting for a majority of CO2 emissions, urban farming rises as an option for affordable, more environment-friendly nourishment. How can cities accommodate for this development and redesign the urban landscape?


With the 2018 report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warning about the catastrophic consequences of not sufficiently decreasing global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, what should the EU, as a global actor, do in order to support and oblige its Member States in meeting the Paris Agreement targets?


With the increase in anti-vaccination movements and the recent outbreak of deadly epidemics, how can the EU prevent a mass infection and uphold the percentage of vaccinations needed for proper population immunity while still protecting patients’ rights?


Taking into account the high number of migrants still coming in to the EU and the unequal distribution of the problem across Member States, how should the EU tackle the issue and support its most targeted Member States?


The creation of low-cost airlines and overall drop in airplane ticket prices has led to an increase in travelling by airplane, as opposed to more sustainable means of transportation. What can the EU do to balance out the aviation industry against other transport sectors?

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