Tábor 2019

7th Regional Selection Conference of EYP CZ – Tábor 2019

Fri, 1 Nov. 2019 – Sun, 3 Nov. 2019



Meating the needs: With animal agriculture being the largest contributor of human-caused green-house gases, accounting for 12-17% of the EU’s annual emissions, what actions should the EU take in order to reduce the environmental impact of animal agriculture?


In cooperation, there’s strength: While 413 million people are still living in extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, the European Development Fund’s investment structure in the region has received criticism of having limited impact on the poor. How should the EU redirect its development investments in sub-Saharan Africa in order to make sure the goals of poverty reduction are reached in line with the Agenda 2030?


Sticks and stones: With debates on the internet shifting towards more offensive statements, mostly targeting minorities or disadvantaged groups of people, and in some cases even resulting in acts of violence, how can the EU prevent the escalation of hatred and discrimination within the society while safeguarding the freedom of expression of its citizens?


Cry me a river: As water reservoirs are drying up across the world and water consumption rates have pushed nearly two-thirds of global freshwater supplies beyond their sustainability tipping points, what role should the EU play in tackling the freshwater crisis?


To the ends of the Earth: With the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s warning that the world has 12 years to limit climate change consequences, how can the EU ensure the efficient implementation of the Paris Agreement and show strong leadership in the global fight against climate change?


Invisible women: With little to no data on female homelessness in Member States and no mention of reproductive rights in any of the few national strategies on homelessness, how can the EU safeguard the aforementioned rights and provide suitable healthcare to homeless women?


An Economy that works for All: With movements like Economy for the Common Good promoting a new economic model, how should the EU approach calls for a more ethical European market?


Nemo not found: With 87% of Mediterranean fish stocks being fished unsustainably and the 2020 goals for overfishing being practically unachievable, what stance should the EU take to finally avoid the overexploitation of stocks?

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