Sønderborg 2019

3rd Regional Session of EYP Denmark

Thu, 24 Oct. 2019 – Sun, 27 Oct. 2019



Together towards a sustainable Arctic - With the melting of the Arctic ice, opening a new field of economic opportunities to the world with the possibility of taking advantage of new resources, what measures should the European Commission take in order to protect the region’s fragile environment whilst ensuring its economic prosperity?


Greying of Europe - With an ageing population across Europe, a pension crisis looming in several Member States and a changing employment market, what measures have to be taken in the pension system to ease the pressure on the pension system and to balance the time spent in work and in retirement?


Equality for All - With men facing gender-specific problems, including inter alia lower education attainability, inflexible work conditions, lower life expectancy and strict gender norms, what measures should be taken to reduce gender inequalities without forgetting either side of the equation?


Trade and Sustainable Development - In light of civil societies calling for the European Commission to put human rights clauses and sustainable development chapters front and centre of the free trade agreement with the Southern Common Market, how can the European Commission further facilitate international trade while guaranteeing that its external activities pursue the objective of promoting sustainable development?


Safeguarding the rights of prisoners - In light of the European Prison Rules being under revision, what further steps should the European Union take to improve detention facility conditions for detained and sentenced persons and increase their prospects for rehabilitation and reintegration?

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