Ghent 2019

Regional Session of EYP Belgium

Wed, 23 Oct. 2019 – Fri, 25 Oct. 2019



Meeting demands: with Europe becoming more densely populated every year how can urban farming be used to cope with the food demands of Member States, whilst using land as economically as possible?


Rights for everyone: 54% of transgender individuals report having faced discrimination for their gender identity, how should the EU combat discrimination against transgender people?


From runway to rubbish: with an increasing demand for low-cost clothing many fashion companies have opted to use cheap and often ecologically unsafe materials, what can the EU do to safeguard the environment from risks connected with fast fashion?


Hidden sickness: according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) depression and anxiety disorders fall into the top five causes of overall disease burden among children and adolescents in Europe, how can the EU work to support its youth in both treating these illnesses, and alleviating the pressures that lead to them?


Changing democracy: given growing apathy amongst citizens how can the EU make use of digitalised democracy and e-voting to encourage participation by the population in the democratic system?


At the cutting-edge: over 90% of startups fail even though they are often leaders in innovation in their field, what should the EU do to aid this innovation by helping European startups succeed in the early stages of their development?

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