XXENF 2019

XXth National Estonian Forum of EYP

Sun, 20 Oct. 2019 – Fri, 25 Oct. 2019



International cooperation: With recent political developments causing concern over the future of EU-US relations, how can the EU strengthen its ties with one of its most important bilateral partners whilst upholding the Union's own values and ideals?


Linguistics, Cultural Heritage: With close to 130 languages across Europe at risk of extinction, what measures should the EU take in order to protect the multilingual heritage in Member States?


Urbanisation (Smart cities): How can innovative urban development meet the challenges of increasing urbanisation, sustainable energy production, renewable resources in transport within and beyond the scope of Europe 2020?


Human Trafficking: With more than 200 people being victims of human trafficking between 17 and 23 June 2019 alone it is clear to see that this still poses a big problem within the Schengen Area. What action should the EU take to combat human trafficking into and within the EU's borders?


Crime amongst the youth: With socio-economically disadvantaged young people frequently becoming involved in criminal activity, how should the EU seek to address the causes of youth crime, and create better support mechanisms for both potential and convicted offenders?


Mental Health Depression, schizophrenia, suicidal thoughts: According to the UN health agency report, Europe rates highest when it comes to suicide related deaths. Mental health often being difficult to keep track of and being a social stigma, how can the EU provide simple and direct help to people with mental disorders?


Common Drug Law: With cannabis becoming legal in parts of the world and European countries considering the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use how can the EU ensure a common policy/guideline to protect the liberties of its citizens?


Securing the rights of immigrants: Recently approved legislation in Denmark among other acts imposes doubled penalties for crimes committed in designated low-income, predominantly Muslim areas, and has been criticised as xenophobic and discriminatory on the basis of religious beliefs. As many European countries are struggling with the integration of refugee communities, how can the EU ensure its goals of fundamental human rights and freedom while respecting the Member States' sovereignty?

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