Helsinki 2019

Regional Session of EYP Finland

Fri, 18 Oct. 2019 – Sun, 20 Oct. 2019



From West to East: With China covering the role of one of the EU’s biggest international trade partners, how can the EU foster deeper economic cooperation with China while upholding its high standards of human rights and the rule of law?


Food no more: With glaciers melting, record-high temperatures and a burning rainforest, global warming is changing the conditions for agricultural farmers rapidly. How can the EU support farmers efficiently while promoting a more eco-friendly way of farming within the EU?


Linguistic heritage: With 24 recognised official languages, the EU’s multilingualism goal is for every European to speak 2 languages in addition to their mother tongue. How should the EU foster language learning across Member States in order to improve social integration and enhance its citizens’ skillset on the job market?


Mens sana in corpore sano: Taking into account that one in nine Europeans suffer from depression and 90% of suicides are caused by mental disorders, how can the European Union ensure that people that suffer from such conditions receive quality treatment and support in workplaces and educational institutions?


The fifth freedom of Europe - free movement of data: With Finland’s presidency of the Council of the EU emphasising on a comprehensive and future-oriented single market, what measures should be taken to successfully develop and implement the Digital Single Market in order to ensure that the cross-border e-commerce and e-services benefit consumers as well as producers in all Member States?


The future of energy: With EU’s battle against Nord Stream 2 coming to an end and the transportation of natural gas being predicted to begin at the end of 2019, how can the EU develop a coherent European energy strategy to continue the shift towards alternative energy sources and prevent monopoly in the gas market?


Moving forward: Although Finland amongst 14 Member States has legalized same-sex marriage, many European countries remain opposed to providing equal legal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. How should the EU seek to further protect the rights of its LGBTQ+ citizens?


European defence: Considering the Permanent Structured Cooperation’s (PESCO) establishment in the area of security and defence policy and the growing conflicts at EU borders, how should the EU move forward in shaping its defence strategy?

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