Tomis NSF 2019

Tomis National Selection Forum 2019

Sun, 15 Sept. 2019 – Fri, 20 Sept. 2019



Don’t you worry child: Considering the low turnout of young people in European elections, what measures should the EU take in order to encourage youth participation in the policy-making sector and ensure that the governing bodies of the Union respect the needs and desires of the young population?


The young farmer problem: Faced with an ageing population in the agricultural sector and having generational renewal as one of the priorities set out in the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy, how can the EU attract young people towards farming, so as not to put the long-term sustainability of agriculture at risk?


Magna Cum Laude: Europe is a scientific powerhouse with 1.8 million researchers working in various fields; however, Brexit will cost the EU 18 of its 30 universities in the top 100 QS World University Rankings. With President Emmanuel Macron suggesting the establishment of a network of 20 new European universities by 2024, how should the EU develop its strategy for higher education and further strengthen its quality and competitiveness?


The more, the better: Increasing by 1 million since 2018, the EU’s total population is currently estimated at almost 513.5 million. However, population growth continues to be driven by mass migration, widening the gap between Eastern and Western Europe. What measures should the EU take so as to fully benefit from the changing demographics over the following decades?


The house is on fire: Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist, made an impassioned plea for the planet at the European Parliament, urging MEPs to “start panicking about climate change”. How should the EU approach the climate change issue in order to reach the goals set by the Commission, limit global warming to 1.5°C and go ‘climate neutral’ by 2050?


Shedding light on discrimination: Despite the European Commission launching infringement proceedings in 2016, Romani children in Slovakia are still compelled to study in segregated schools. Also, the Council of Europe revealed in a 2019 report the growth of racist and intolerant hate speech against minorities in Romania. How can the EU curb discrimination and provide equal education and opportunities for ethnic minorities?


Cane Shuga: Cocaine seizures in the EU reached record highs in 2017 alongside the trafficking of synthetic drugs, according to this year’s European Drug Report. Bearing in mind that social media is increasing in popularity as an illegal drug spread platform, how can the EU tackle this issue while protecting the main group affected by drug trafficking - the youth?

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