Liverpool 2019 - Autumn

EYPUK Autumn National Session 2019

Wed, 4 Sept. 2019 – Sun, 8 Sept. 2019



Friend or foe: Poland, recently under investigation for limiting the freedom of its judges, is only one of several governments throughout Europe increasingly displaying autocratic tendencies. How should other European states interact with such countries whose values differ fundamentally from their own?


The Great Divide: 23.7% of the European population is currently at risk of falling into poverty, with one in ten workers already living below the poverty line. What steps should European states take to systematically work against such alarming trends and to protect its citizens from the rising threat of poverty?


Drowning in Dirt. With up to 12.7 Million tons of plastic entering the oceans every year and marine litter causing an estimated cost of up to €695 Million a year, what steps should European states take to lead the global fight against marine pollution?


Affordable Aging. With the overall age dependency ratio projected to reach over 50% by 2080 and chronic diseases affecting one-third of the European population over the age of 15, healthcare costs across Europe are skyrocketing and funds to cover such care will soon fall short of demand. What measures and alternative solutions can European states implement to ensure the provision of sustainable and affordable healthcare for future generations?


With men accounting for 80% of all suicides across the EU and many of them more reticent than women to seek professional help, what measures should European states pursue to combat the negative stigma surrounding the acknowledgement and treatment of mental health and to encourage individuals to access the services available to them?


Protect our Girls: It is estimated that over 200 million women alive today have experienced Female Genital Mutilation and are living with its consequences. What steps should European states take to eradicate this form of gender-based violence in Europe and beyond?


A Fair Trade? With the current EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement under heavy criticism from civil and human rights organisations, how should European states act to ensure that goods and services on the European Market are produced under conditions safeguarding basic human rights whilst taking into account the economic and developmental interests of their trade partners?


Regulating Robots: With Artificial Intelligence becoming increasingly prominent in our everyday lives and offering new solutions to societal, environmental and technological issues, how can European states address the ethical and legal challenges of decision-making and data collection brought about by Artificial Intelligence?


When Sci-Fi Becomes Reality: With India recently joining Russia, China and the U.S in launching an anti-satellite missile into space and existing international frameworks insufficiently reflecting and regulating the current situation and possible future developments, how should European states react to militarisation in space?

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