Zürich 2019

23rd National Selection Conference of EYP Switzerland

Thu, 29 Aug. 2019 – Tue, 3 Sept. 2019



Medicine in our culture: Given the rising trends of self-diagnosis and self-medication, how can European states balance the potential benefits and dangers of people’s self-care for their health?


Just a game: On June 1, 2018, the World Health Organisation (WHO) defined compulsive gaming as a mental health condition. Considering the popularity of video games among the younger generations, how can European States work towards a more healthy world of gaming?


Death Tourism: Mercy in the face of agony or the commercialisation of the end of life? With the presence of terminal illnesses and the rise of age-related degenerative diseases, how should European countries respond to the varying legal stances concerning assisted suicide and the subsequent potential of “death tourism”?


Prisoner’s health care: Given the increased risk of physical and mental health issues amongst prisoners, what actions should European states take to improve prison health and guarantee inmate’s right to adequate health care?


Working your life off: With mental health in the workplace impacting employee well-being, economic productivity and putting strains on health-care systems in general, what further steps should European countries take to ensure healthy and productive work environments?


Balanced parenthood: Considering the varying and often lacking legislation concerning parental leave across European states, what should governments do to ensure a better work-life balance for new parents?


Treating mental health: Despite the increasing use of psychiatric medication for mental health issues, three out of four people suffering do not receive adequate treatment. How can European countries further improve mental health treatment and ensure better medical care for those concerned?


To vaccinate or not to vaccinate: With an increasing number of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children, and estimates of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) being the leading cause of death by 2050, how can European countries ensure the protection of their citizens while still guaranteeing patients' rights?


The invisible killer: Estimates indicate that air pollution is the main constituent of approximately 500.000 premature deaths per year in Europe alone. Although strict guidelines have been set both by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the EU's Ambient Air Quality Directive (AAQD), what measures should European countries take in order to reach the objectives set, and ensure the protection of health and ecosystems across Europe?


Criminalisation vs regulation; The war on drugs is still fostering corruption, bringing political instability and leading to mass incarceration. With more and more countries considering their liberalisation and moving towards regulating their safe use, how should European states move towards a potential decriminalisation and regulation of drug use?


Playing God: With the rise and progress of prenatal medical screening technology in Europe, a liberalisation of abortion policies and a rise in selective abortion, what stance should Europe take towards prenatal screenings and the termination of fetuses?


From art to ashes: Following the calamitous fire at Notre Dame Cathedral and the assessment of its unimaginable cost of repairs, taking into consideration that similar unfortunate events can happen to other overpopulated tourist sights, how can the tourism industry be harnessed better so that it privatises profits less at the expense of costs to the public?

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