Kyiv 2019

13th National Selection Conference of EYP Ukraine

Tue, 9 July 2019 – Sun, 14 July 2019



With eurosceptic political parties on the rise and non-EU countries still looking to join the European Union, what steps should the EU take in order to pursue long-term stability and become a stronger political union?


Bearing in mind the ongoing cooperation between the European Union and its Eastern neighbours, what measures should the EU take so as to further promote economic prosperity, stability and peace in the region?


Considering the ongoing tensions with Russia and Ukraine, how should the European Union balance its role as an advocate of peace and stability without compromising the safety of its energy supply from Russia?


With worldwide 5G revenues estimated at EUR 225 billion in 2025, what steps should the European Union take regarding this new technology, whilst taking into account cybersecurity and the potential for the EU to become a leader in the global market?


In light of the European Prison Rules being under revision, what further steps should the European Union improve detention facility conditions for detained and sentenced persons and increase their prospects for rehabilitation and reintegration?


Given the impact of the Orphan Regulation on the accessibility and affordability of orphan medicinal products, how should the European Union further promote innovation in the field of orphan medicinal products while guaranteeing access to appropriate treatments for patients suffering from rare disorders?


Taking into consideration the recent changes of the copyright regulations, in which the European Union will force online platforms to remove user-generated content that is subjected to intellectual property infringements, what measures should the EU take in order to protect content creators, while also ensuring freedom of speech?


With the European Union reiterating its commitment to prevent and end statelessness in Europe, what further steps should the European Union take to safeguard the fundamental rights of stateless persons and provide them with access to public services?

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