1st EYP Azerbaijan Weekend

1st EYP Azerbaijan Weekend on Self Development

Sat, 1 June 2019 – Sun, 2 June 2019



Europe in which learning is not hampered by borders: On May 30, 2018, the European Commission adopted its financial framework for Erasmus+ Programme to double funding up to €30 billion for 2021-2027. Focusing on the European Union, where students should have equal opportunities to receive the best possible education, how can Member States ensure accessibility of the Programme to young people with disadvantaged backgrounds?


Homeland of diverse peoples and cultures: While respect for linguistic diversity is enshrined in multilingual Azerbaijan, linguistic minorities still face barriers to be fully engaged in social, public and educational life. How can the European Union assist Azerbaijan to protect the rights of the linguistic minorities?


Young entrepreneurs on the rise: With staggering youth unemployment in Azerbaijan, many young people have chosen to start their own enterprises. Taking into account the state programme “Azerbaijani Youth” for 2017-2021, how can the European Union and Azerbaijan cooperate to promote entrepreneurship among young people in the current economic and political climate?


Society and health: With the rise in numbers of people suffering from mental health issues, what can the European Union do to support Azerbaijan to facilitate a comprehensive approach to mental health and guarantee adequate access to prevention and treatment for its citizens?


The lost generation: Making up approximately 31 per cent of the population of Azerbaijan, young people aged 14-29 encounter challenges to make their voices heard. Considering that youth are tremendous agents for change and important constituencies for development, how can the European Union help Azerbaijan to foster meaningful civic and political participation among young people?


Where East meets West: According to the Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD), even though Azerbaijan represents one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations, tourists, visiting the state, constitute to only 0.003 per cent of the ones in the world. Keeping in mind the country’s aspiration for sustainable economic growth, how can the European Union further develop its partnership with Azerbaijan to draw the attention of more European tourists?

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