Dnipro 2019

Regional session of EYP Ukraine

Fri, 3 May 2019 – Sun, 5 May 2019



Sharing the playground with a bully: In the past, Russia has used its energy supply as an instrument of foreign affairs by cutting off the gas in neighbouring states and behaving in a monopolistic fashion. Taking into account that the EU’s import of natural gas originating in Russia is expected to increase, with the number already at 37%, how should the EU ensure a steady supply of energy in Member States whilst protecting them from Russian interference?


Redesign, reuse, recycle: Transition from the linear to the circular economy has gained significance in the EU, offering long-term economic and environmental benefits. Taking into account the positive outcome of the Circular Economy Action Plan, how should the EU continue to help businesses and households manage existing resources whilst bringing down the high upfront costs?


Kill the drill: Hydraulic fracturing or fracking, an effective and inexpensive mean of energy production, is on track to make the US the world’s largest fossil fuel supplier. Keeping in mind that some Member States have banned fracking due to potential public health and environmental risks, what stance should the EU take regarding the use of fracking on European soil?


Fridays for Future: Inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, student organised global climate strikes have gained momentum across Europe. On the other hand, ‘Yellow Vest’ protests in France remind legislators about the social and economic costs of climate action. Having observed varying reactions from politicians, how should the EU address the growing public pressure to combat climate change?


Burn them all: Biomass accounts for more than half of all renewable energy production in the EU since it is defined as a renewable energy source. Taking into consideration the growing criticism over the unsustainable production of biomass energy, what stance should the EU take to reflect the need for carbon-free energy production?


I’m in my mum’s car, broom broom: With one year left to achieve Europe 2020’s target of 10% for the use of renewable energy sources in transport, only two Member States have reached the pledged goal. Keeping in mind the benefits of renewable energy, as well as the growing need for individual mobility, how should the EU further assist Member States to implement environmentally conscious transport policies?

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