Évora 2019

38th National Session of EYP Portugal

Wed, 24 April 2019 – Sun, 28 April 2019



Young Europe: Participation in national and European politics has consistently been low in recent years - particularly among the youth. What actions can the EU and Member States take in order to ensure political inclusivity and active citizenship?


We the People: With the rise of populist governments and recent anti-democratic actions by Member States, European democracies have been backsliding over the past decade. How can the EU ensure that the integrity of democracy is protected across Member States?


Crimes Against Criminals: Despite a heavy framework for detention conditions and prisoners’ treatment under the ECHR, many European countries still struggle to ensure the protection of detainees’ basic human rights. What steps could the EU take to further eliminate the risk of inhumane treatment of prisoners?


Mind the Gap: As inequalities between rich and poor increase across many developed economies, what measures could the EU and its Member States take to resolve income disparity and contribute to economically fair societies?


To Vax or Not to Vax: With the rise of anti-vaccination movements across the Union alongside recent outbreaks of deadly measles and other epidemics, how can Member States ensure public safety while still protecting patients’ rights?


Beyond (e)-Borders: The European Commission adopted the Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy in 2015 to ameliorate barriers in cross-border-e-commerce. However, despite some 14% annual growth in e-commerce revenues across Europe, cross-border sales substantially lag behind domestic. What further actions should the EU take to realise the full potential of the DSM strategy?


Cornerstones of Democracy: Despite the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights guaranteeing media freedom and pluralism, a lack of national legislation regarding media ownership across Member States is restricting freedom of speech alongside journalistic freedoms. How can the EU work with Member States in creating a diverse media landscape and ensuring democratic values across all media institutions?


(Sustainable) Concrete Jungles: As central urban areas become increasingly gentrified, the need for affordable housing, effective public transport and comprehensive urban planning practices are becoming more necessary than ever before. How can the EU ensure that its urban infrastructure is growing in an inclusive and sustainable manner?

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