Tours 2019

2019 Regional Session in Tours

Fri, 26 April 2019 – Sun, 28 April 2019



The European Commission estimates that one third of the food in the EU is thrown away and is never consumed. Taking into account the growing urbanization and worldwide consumption, what actions should the EU undertake to ensure sustainability in the production and consumption of food and reduce food waste in Member States?


In order to reduce school drop-out rate to 10% and to 40% the rate of 30 years old person who graduated from higher education, how can the European Union and Member States improve their school education system?


Some of the EU's 60 regional and minority languages are currently facing extinction. Bearing in mind the importance of multilingualism in Europe, what can Member States do to defend their rich linguistic heritage?


Taking into account the fight against climate change and for the preserving of the environment, how can the EU reinforce its aims to reduce to 30% greenhouse gas emission around the world and to limit at 2% global warming at least per year?


With the geralization of the use of digital devices, people have become more vulnerable against cyber attacks and software piracy of their personal data. How can the EU Member States help their citizens to become more careful in their use of new technologies?


Around 40 different species of fish are currently threatened with extinction, mainly because of increased consumption among European citizens. What approach should the EU take to preserve marine biodiversity

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