Niš 2019

46th Regional Session of EYP Serbia

Fri, 19 April 2019 – Sun, 21 April 2019



"This time I'm voting": In light of the upcoming European elections, what measures can the EU take to increase youth participation in its democratic processes?


After Brexit comes Balk-in: With the European Commission publishing the Strategy for the Western Balkans and announcing 2025 as a feasible date for them to join the EU, what measures can be taken in order to achieve this goal?


Regional and minority languages: how can European countries leverage digital transformations, such as mobile language learning applications, voice assistants, and real-time translation to protect and foster linguistic diversity in Europe’s regions?


A start-up to start out: With youth unemployment rates on the rise, young people are striving to launch their own business despite political and economic challenges. How can the EU better support entrepreneurial efforts of young Europeans?


Public Good or Private Commodity? Declared as a human right by the UN in 2010, access to clean water remains restricted by political and economic barriers. How can the EU ensure the access to clean drinking water across Member States?


GDPR - what now? In the light of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, what further steps can the EU take to ensure the safety of citizens' data?


The sky is the limit? With the European Space Policy creating a common political framework for space activities in Europe, what measures can be taken to ensure the Union's economy benefits from space exploration while ensuring a competitive and innovative European space sector?

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