Schengen 2019

6th National Selection Conference of EYP Luxembourg

Mon, 8 April 2019 – Thu, 11 April 2019



Voting for the future: Despite efforts made by the European Parliament and other institutions, the voter turnout in the European elections has been dropping steadily in the past 40 years. With the next European elections coming up in May, what further steps could be taken to improve the voting process to make it more appealing to EU citizens?


Eyes on the Western Balkans: Considering the EU’s recent announcement of the “Strategy for the Western Balkans” affirming 2025 as a potential enlargement date, what steps should the EU take in order to accomplish this objective?


Money equals power?: Bearing in mind that despite the existing legal framework regulating competition on the internal market, the abusive practices of some companies are still present. What can the EU do to ensure the largest corporations active on the internal market abide by the law?


Fixing the roof while the sun shines: While the spectres of the Great Recession and financial meltdowns still haunt Europe, the European Banking Union remains incomplete. What steps should the EU take to resolve weaknesses in its banking sector and protect Member States from another potential financial crisis?


We’re all in this together: With the new Work-Life Balance Directive strengthening maternal and introducing paternal leaves, Member States’ uneven implementation still fails to allow both genders to strike balance between labour market activity and nurturing their offspring. What could the EU and national governments do to further ensure gender equality in this regard?


Join the green side: Acknowledging the climate commitment made by the EU with the Energy Union, how can the EU and its Member States further accelerate the decarbonisation of their power consumption, in a way that it leads to a sustainable energy model?


Sustainability in deep waters: Waterborne transport accounts for around 90% of all EU external trade, with its emissions expected to nearly double in the next decades. Keeping in mind the environmental consequences, what measures can the EU take to ensure the sustainability of the shipping industry, without compromising its economic importance?


Sustainable tourism - the monument yet to be built: While tourism represents the EU’s third-largest socioeconomic activity, there is a long road to make it sustainable for locals, their culture and the environment. How can the EU and national governments further ensure compliance with the EU Tourism Policy, assuring sustainability in the tourism sector among its Member States?

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