Graz 2019

National Session of EYP Austria

Fri, 5 April 2019 – Mon, 8 April 2019



In ‘N Out of Europe: Following the Brexit vote and the increased support for eurosceptic political parties, the EU is facing major challenges both within and outside its borders, leading to questions about the future of the Union. What strategy should the EU and Member States pursue for the long-term stability and advancement of the Union?


15 years of stalemate: In 2003, the Western Balkans States together with the European Commission agreed on their future integration in the EU. Bearing in mind that as of 27 October 2015, all Western Balkan states have signed the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) to reinforce their relations with the EU and as a step towards their desired membership, what actions should the EU take to ensure the candidates are ready to join the EU by 2025?


The dictionary of Europe: Member States have committed to promoting and protecting minority languages under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. With over 128 endangered languages currently in Europe, how should the European Union protect regional and minority languages while ensuring cultural integration within Member States?


"Age is just a number": As one quarter of Europe's population has already retired and depends on the received pensions, how could the EU foster the alignment of the significant country differences in poverty risk and pension income?


"My country is Europe": With challenges such as underpopulation and ‘brain drain’ in donor countries, and ghettoisation and social discord in host countries, how should governments manage the difficulties associated with intra-European migration, while also allowing the benefits of free movement to continue to be realised?


Does Europe compile?: Deep-rooted stereotypes regarding the learning of digital skills contribute to women accounting for only 17% of Information and Communication Technology specialists in the European Union, with similar percentages worldwide. What can Member states do at a regional and national level to encourage women to pursue a career path in technology?


No homeland, no hope: Throughout Europe, Roma people have been constantly subjected to discrimination and harassment, while facing the challenges of poor sanitation, hunger and youth unemployment regularly. What measures should be taken by the European Union to improve the standard of living and the social integration of Roma citizens in Europe?


Sentenced for life: What common guidelines should the EU introduce regarding detainees’ rights and freedoms, detention facility conditions, and social reintegration? What steps can be taken to ensure these standards are respected and maintained?

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